Dear Investor,

Happy New Year from us at Smallcapasia!

Last year was an amazing one for us as we achieved the following milestones:

Milestone #1 was started in Dec 2016 & we hit almost 2K email subscribers within 1 year of inception with little marketing.

Milestone #2

We covered almost 20 IPOs! Some of the popular ones are as of the below:

Milestone #3

FREE investing tools are consistently dug out and listed in this page for you to download.

Milestone #4

Year 2017 is a BIG YEAR for crypto-currencies – Bitcoin almost exploded 20x and go from USD1K to almost USD19+K.

Not wanting to be left out, I also joined on the Bandwagon and created a new column –

Some of the Crypto posts include:

If you w’d like us to continue churning out more crypto stuff or interested in what tokens to invest in, we are actually coming up with a FREE membership (only free for the time being!).

You can expect things like ICO Spreadsheet access, monthly evaluation of TOP 3 Tokens, FREE Airdrops and more! Sign up here!

Milestone #5

And last but not least, the one which has made us proud – *drumroll pls*

 top stocks under 2

Our 1st ever subscription service – “Top Stocks Under $2”

Priced at a low $29/month, subscribers will be able to get all the goody information below (only exclusive to Investingnote):

  • 2 Detailed Stock Reports Monthly (you will receive fortnightly, 3-4 pages each, 1 on the second Sunday of the month and the other on the last Sunday of the month.)
  • Earnings or New Development Follow-ups to the Highlighted stocks
  • FREE 24/7 access to the every single report I’ve written
  • FREE “Flash Alert” service within the InvestingNote platform
  • Q&A to any burning questions you may have at anytime!
  • FREE The 9 to 5 Investing Handbook (extended to all subscribers)

Btw, more than 40 people have joined our subscription… So what are you waiting for?

To sum up, it has been a wonderful year for us.

We couldn’t have accomplished what we did without you. Thus, we hope that you can start off this New Year with a bang with the above resources we have compiled for you.

What about you? What have you accomplished for Year 2017? What are your goals for Year 2018?

Leave your comments down (i read all of them) or email us @

Let’s work together to make this year your best yet.

All the best,
Team SmallCapAsia

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