By James Yeo //
May 1, 2021

S-REITs have taken a beating in the year 2020 when COVID-19 swept through Singapore like a storm.

That said, the REITs have rebounded strongly as the pandemic is kept pretty much under control (hopefully for the long run).

In fact, I have seen throngs of people in the shopping malls during weekends – perhaps a sign that everyone is unable to travel overseas and have to simply spend their time in the retail malls.

With that in mind, investors should definitely check out the REITs Symposium (Online Edition) to find out the developments and opportunities in the REITs Industry and also hear from the experts and C-level on how to mitigate through the course to its eventual return.

REIT Symposium Details

This online event will be held across 2 days on both 15th and 22nd May from 9am – 3pm.

There will be a variety of formats for retail investors to reach out to the C-levels of participating REITs including:

  • Live Presentation by REITs’ CEO
  • Live Interviews with Financial Bloggers
  • Live Chat – private chat room to interact with the C-level of each REIT

The programme will also feature 2 panel discussions with our invited guests that aim to give an overview of the current REITs landscape. Both panels will be moderated by Nupur Joshi, CEO of REITAS.

15 May 2021 – SREITs: What can investors expect now?

Panel list:

  • David Kuo, The Smart Investor
  • Dhruv Arora, Syfe
  • Geoff Howie, Singapore Exchange
  • Joy Wong, HSBC

22 May 2021 – The Megatrends impacting S-REITS

Panel list:

  • Chan Kum Kong, Singapore Exchange
  • Chong Ser Jing, The Good Investor
  • Kenny Loh, My Stocks Investing

Attendees of REITs Symposium 2021 can also take part in our 60 seconds REITs quiz and stand a chance to win 10 x $88 cash.

Grab Cash Prizes worth $88 each!

Most important reason why you need to join REITs Symposium?

Attendees of REITs Symposium 2021 can also take part in our 60 seconds REITs quiz and stand a chance to win 10 x $88 cash.

Here’s now:
  1. Register for the event here.
  2. Watch any of the live sessions over the 2 weekends and take part in the 60-seconds quiz (accessible on 15 and 22 May).
  3. Get as many correct answers as possible as it equals to the number of chances you have at the lucky draw.
  4. Thats it!


REITs Symposium provides the rare chance for people to check out many of the REITs at one single ‘online’ place! One can also take the opportunity to engage with the REITs’ management and have your burning questions answered!
Long story short, REITs Symposium is an annual event which REIT lovers should not miss! Sign up here today!
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