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I love getting a bang for one’s buck and also help people with my referrals i.e. Tiger Brokers, Crypto.com and even my Renovation contractor contact. Hence, I decided to compile all my research into 1 single page. You'll find my recommended deals/tools (*see disclaimer at bottom) for various purposes and I think they would be incredibly helpful, esp. for young working adults.

Best Stock Brokers

Talk about disruptive trends and you can't deny discount brokers are one of them. With beautiful app's user interfaces, near-zero commissions and attractive welcome bonuses, one should really give them a shot.

tiger brokers referral

Tiger Brokers

Launched in 2014, its app, Tiger Brokers is backed by US-based brokerage Interactive Brokers, Chinese tech giant Xiaomi and Wall Street investment guru Jim Rogers.

Tiger Brokers is really a game-changer when it comes to the stock brokerage space with its ease of account opening process, ultra low brokerage fees, and intuitive mobile-first user interface.

Click below to get FREE Apple shares, Comm-free trades & Tiger Coins worth >$200 (as of Feb 2022)!

moomoo broker referral

MooMoo (Futu) Brokers

Moomoo's parent, Futu Holdings Limited, is backed by some of the world's notable investors which include Tencent, Sequoia Capital and Matrix Partners.

Moomoo has an English UI/UX, boasts 15 million users worldwide and really stands out with its focus on investor's education - you can enrol in their free courses!

A students' promo with Welcome Rewards (FREE Apple shares, Comm-free trades & Cash coupons) worth around S$2,280 (as of Feb 2022)!

poems broker referral


POEMs is the brokerage arm of PhillipCapital, one of Singapore's most established brokerage firms that has been around since 1975. POEMs have been keeping tab with the changing stock brokerage landscape with low comm and also offers unparalleled access to over 40,000 products across 26 exchanges worldwide.

Click below for 2,000 Points (~S$40 Shopee Voucher) + Free 1mth Unlimited US trades.

fsmone broker referral


Incorporated in 2000, Fundsupermart.com ("FSM") is the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) division of mainboard-listed iFAST Ltd. FSM provides a comprehensive range of investment products and services, with over 1,600 funds and over 900 bonds. One important merit is how investors can dollar-cost average into the various funds (i.e. S&P 500) with as little as $100.

Best Crypto Earn

Tired of locking in your funds in savings accounts and fixed deposits for paltry returns? Then you should give the various Crypto Earning platforms a try -- they offer up to 12% stable yield just for staking USD! 

tokenize exchange referral


When people talk about Crypto exchanges, people always think about Binance or Coinbase etc. But Singapore actually has our local exchange called Tokenize.Exchange! I love the ease on how we can deposit fiat (SGD) and start trading crypto immediately.

On top of that, you can also earn crypto interest up to 12% with just 100TKX staking. You can even upgrade your membership to enjoy lower trading fees, 0 transaction fees, etc.

Receive 5 TKX (worth >US$40) only when you click on my affiliate link below!

hodlnaut referral


Hodlnaut is a Singapore-based crypto lending platform that allows users to earn interest on their crypto assets. The platform offers up to 12.73% APY as of Jan 2022 on six supported crypto assets: BTC, WBTC, ETH, DAI, USDC, and USDT.

Receive a US$20 sign-up bonus after making a deposit equivalent of US$1,000 in a single transaction.

crypto.com referral


If you're looking for an affordable, all-in-one cryptocurrency platform, Crypto.com is an ideal solution for you with the support of >150 cryptocurrencies.

Besides earning up to 12.5% p.a. when you stake their CRO, you can even join their Supercharger events with est. APY up to 40+%! 

Sign up for Crypto.com by clicking the button below and we both get $25 USD :)

nexo referral


Nexo is one of the world's biggest crypto lender and currently manages assets for 3М+ users across 200 jurisdictions. You can get up to 17% APR on your crypto assets with all interest being paid out daily!

All digital assets benefit from a $375M insurance by its renowned custodians.

Open an account and tops up US$100 or more and both of us will get US$10 in Bitcoin.

coinhako referral


Coinhako provides an easy to understand user interface for you to buy/sell cryptocurrencies in Singapore. It is also suitable for beginners who want to deposit SGD funds through their usual bank accounts i.e. OCBC/DBS.

Trading fees are slightly on the high side but you can enter promo code CoinGecko to lower your trading fees from 1% to 0.8%. As of now, you can stake BTC for ~2.5 to 3.0% APY.

Car Sharing/Rental

Owning a car in Singapore is !&^#$ expensive because you need to cough up >S$1,600 per month on top of the hefty down-payment. One alternative is to utilize the many car sharing platforms with our high density of cars with cheap rental rates of just $3/hr (off peak)!

Getgo referral promo code


My top pick for the car-sharing space as their cars are sleek and well maintained. They also give out FREE e-vouchers through various social media campaigns too. 

Affordable hourly car rental starts at $3/hr for off-peak season + no deposit & membership fees definitely a win! 

Click the button below to register and we both get S$5 (S$8 for a limited time!).

bluesg car sharing


BlueSG is one of the first pioneers and largest EV car-sharing platform in Singapore.

Even if you haven't seen it, you would definitely have heard it due to its loud noise when it passes by. The rates aren't cheap at S$0.36/min (as of 30 Jan 2022) but it is the only A to B car-sharing platform -- means I can just do a quick errand from my house to the nearby shopping mall~

tribecar car sharing


TribeCar has equipped the cars with Z10 Insurance, available for private hire usage. You can even drive them up into Malaysia for a road-trip (maybe once Covid is better managed)!

The only gripe is that reservations have to be made online (the app costs $1.48), reach the car and unlock it with your smartphone.

We'll both receive S$15 credits each when you top up S$50 to his e-Wallet (First Topup Only).

drivelah car sharing


Drive lah is Singapore's first peer-to-peer car sharing platform. This means car owners can supplement your income through renting out your car when you don't need it.

With its DrivelahGo™ technology, hosts can provide access for their cars directly via their phone instead of physically handing over the keys. Yes that’s right – hosts will no longer be needed to be physically present at the time of handover.

Sign up via the link below and complete your first reservation to get $30 credits!


Quality living in you house would involve the various necessary amenities - broadband bill, utility bills etc. and the occasional sprucing up of house. Below, I showcase my top choices after extensive research and gathering feedback from the ground. 

Senoko energy referral

Senoko Energy

The national average for 5room HDB comes up to over 450kwh per mth. Multiply that by $0.24 and you are literally paying $108 just on utility bill!

With rising electricity tariffs, the bill may go up even higher; Use my referral code "NLX8R6HJ" and both of us will earn a $30 bill rebate each to offset your electricity bill today!.

helpling referral


Notice your home getting dusty or clothes piling up in your laundry basket? In times like these, you could use an extra helping hand.

I treasure the weekly clean where you can delegate the household chores and get some rest.

Book a cleaner using my voucher code lwnh87, you get $30 off your next clean.

Gomo sg

Gomo Telco

Honestly, I switched out of Singtel (due to the high prices) to Starhub, Circles.Life etc and regret doing so because the poor connection even in my own house (1 bar connectivity hello?!).

Switching to Gomo is the best decision for me because its backed by Singtel's reliable network and the price is definitely value-for-money ($18 for 50GB + calls & SMS woohoo!) 

I don't get any rewards for referring you Gomo but is simply happy to share with you :)

House Renovation

Other than our once-in-a-lifetime wedding, I believe that Renovation is the next important project that we undertake.

Hence, we really did a lot of 'homework' beforehand before settling for Thom Signature - a mix of contractor (DIY design = cheaper) and interior designer (they help you design = costly). They provided great workmanship at a reasonable price that I cant find elsewhere.

On top of that, my ID is always there to answer any of our queries - big thumbs up!

cheap house painting


Need a fresh coat of paint for your home after all the kids' crayon dribbling or just want a refresh makeover?

Painting can liven up the environment but it comes at quite a big cost... But luckily, I managed to get my painter through word-of-mouth and he delivers good quality at an affordable price. 

That said, he looks like he is pretty busy with several projects on hand. You can email me in the button below for his contact.

Air Con Servicing

Last on the Household list is Air Con Servicing! With our all year round hot weather, many people turn to Aircon for a good night sleep.

Similarly, I did several calls to compare prices with many aircon vendors and settled with Hong Yuan Aircon Engineering ($216 for 3 aircons). They work well as a team and was pretty fast.

That said, do note that they will ask whether you want sign up a package for regular servicing :p


How about those payment apps and everything else in between? Check out this section for other interesting stuff... Do let me know via this email if you think any other referrals should be listed here.

Shopback referral


ShopBack is a cashback reward program that allows online shoppers to receive a small percentage of their purchases on the platform, paid for through affiliate programs by the merchant.

Personally, I will activate it everytime I buy something online and have amassed >$400 from merchants like Agoda, Shopee and Lazada. Gonna try out their Shopback Pay someday too!

We'll both earn $5 bonus once you sign up using my link below and spend $20 OR enter my referral code 3xtjys

Google Pay referral

Google Pay

There are soooo many payment options that I get confused nowadays.

But there's one more that's pretty interesting - Google Pay. You can transfer money to friends, pay in a snap, and earn rewards - all in one place. Earn $3 when you opt in to Google Pay offers and rewards and make your first payment (min. $10)! Use my referral link below to get started.

Disclaimer: The information contained in the list is for general information purposes only. I/We shall not be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages or any damages whatsoever with the use of the contents.