By James Yeo //
January 22, 2018

Move over CryptoKitties – It’s time for Battle Fishes to take the limelight!


FishBank (

It is described as a Decentralized Deep Ocean Food Chain Game on Smart Contracts. Whitepaper can be found here.

And allows you to participate in classic PvP (player-versus-player) to grow the predatory fish that hunt opponents gaining their weight. As a player, your ultimate aim is to nurture the largest fish to dominate the others.

How? If you ‘battle’ other fishes and win, you gain weight by biting off their weight (meaning: your winning fish will gain weight while the losing fish will lose weight. Your fish can even gain weight when it defends successfully!

Check out below infographic for a comprehensive view:

fishbank review

The Team Behind Fishbank

Chatrobotic studio backing Fishbank project specializes in gamification of extraordinary environments and is popular by it’s 3 chat bot game titles running on the messengers’ platforms (Telegram, Kik, Facebook).

With more than half a million players on board, these games have 2.5 million messages on peak days with the overall amount of requests served reaching almost 1 billion.

ChatRobotic Fishbank Team

Fishbank Game Mechanics

Now let’s move on to the Juicy Part where i am super interested in: FishBank’s Battle Mechanics

As per the whitepaper:

The core of the Fishbank gameplay is the fight between two crypto Fish that results in the winner gaining weight for winner and the loser losing weight.

Take note: any fish that is not asleep and not on sale may be attacked by any other fish in network (means your fish lose weight when you are not playing!).

fishbank which fish will win

You can find plenty of other modifiers (add-ons) which can be received in a chest:

Major modifier types:

• Power Booster — increases fish Power parameter for a limited time;
• Agility Booster — increases fish Agility parameter for a limited time;
• Shelter Map — protects fish from attack for a given period of time;
• Instant Attack — allows performing a single attack without waiting while the cooldown period ends.

The above modifiers can be opened via Chests.

What are Chests:

A Chest is the initial container for Modifiers.

Small Chest contains 1 Modifier while Mid & Large Chests may have 2-5 Modifiers inside.
Every Chest is an independent ERC-721 Token and can be gifted or opened.

What’s so special about “Fishbank”?

  1. You own 100% of your assets, assured by blockchain
  2. Your achievements can’t be destroyed or diminished
  3. Game economy cannot be influenced or changed after it’s launched
  4. Trade Game assets freely between players on a global scale
  5. Ability to acquire and grow unique peace of fish crypto token art
  6. Teaches basics of cryptocurrency

Personally, i believe that the “Fishbank” concept is like the old I used to play during my schooling-days.

You own a pet and make it grow so strong to beat the other kids in the same arena. You even can utilize modifiers to ramp up its stats.

Check out the type of fishes inside.

fishbank type of fishes

In case you are wondering what fish i pre-0rdered…

Yes – you are right! I got myself the meanest of them all – the Legendary Blue Shark RAWR!

fishbank crypto fish

Fishbank Roadmap

fishbank roadmap

Fishbank will be launching its Alpha version on 28th January 2018. And the Stable Version will be released after the Alpha test is done.

Why its better to get in now?

A player needs at least one fish in order to start playing the game. There are 3 ways to acquire a Fish:
1. Catch a random one in the Aquarium
2. Buy certain one on the Market from other players
3. Receive as a gift from other player

When the Alpha version launches on 28th January 2018, the crypto fish tokens can only be bought from the market OR fished out from the Aquarium.

And catching fish in the Aquarium is almost like fishing in real life — you never know what you’ll get.

Fishing in the Aquarium requires 0.03* Ether and will give you one crypto fish (common or better) with random characteristics.

Chances to get Uncommon type of fish are as follows*:
• Rare — 1:5
• Epic — 1:50
• Legendary — 1:1000

* — these values will be set for Alpha version. Changes may be made prior to Stable release.


All in all, i have a great feeling about this. CryptoKitties got so popular until it crashes the Etherum network. And it’s only about breeding kitties.

A working Battle System will definitely make this much more mainstream and popular in future. So, it’s time to FOMO and start fishing right now!

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