As of 18th May 2018, the total coins listed under adds up to a whooping 1593 coins/tokens and counting. That’s not all. The number of block chain projects continues to enter the market at a rapid pace with each passing day.

While the influx of new projects bodes well for the crypto market as a whole, there is limited research being done on them. Most often than not, new crypto enthusiasts and institutional investors alike depend on the views of some so-called Key Opinion Leaders but lack concrete, standardized research across the crypto space.

Introducing DRC

Distributed Regtech Collaboration Platform or “DRC” in short, is an independent crypto rating agency which aims to solve this problem by providing a transparent, neutral, and professional risk-rating standards and framework.

It will be coming down and doing a showcase of the process during the upcoming Blockchain Festival in Vietnam. In case you are wondering what the Blockchain Festival is about, it is an event where crypto enthusiasts are invited for a networking session and listen to speeches from keynote speakers such as Loi Luu, Founder of KyberNetwork, Owen Tao, CEO of Matrix AI Network and more. Check out more here.

Zooming into DRC Rating Report

If you are wondering what constitutes to the DRC’s rating report, it splits into different categories including business plan, Technical solution and economic mechanism. It further drills down into the white paper structure and assess it based on the project design, token sales mechanism, roadmap and even team.

The professional report is like what you would receive from the Standard & Poor’s credit rating report. As such, these crypto analyst reports are worth US$20,000 each given the lack of proper institutional-grade research out there.

We will go through snippets of the analyst report below, using KyberNetwork as an example.

DRC touches on the various aspects of the whitepaper structure and gives a straightforward “Yes” or “No” to each sub-category. As you can see above, the project design is a thumbs-up since Kyber Network covers the technical features, proposals and also has a competitive edge in their model.

However, no expenditure plans are being announced as well as the risk assessment and control measures. I would also prefer to see a “Yes” for cornerstone investors since it will mean that they inject confidence in crypto retail investors.

Moving on, we look at the project overview of KyberNetwork below.

At one glance, you can find out a lot of relevant information without browsing through the whitepaper or scouring through the ICO website.

For example, DRC report talks about how KyberNetwork is set up to be an ecosystem for multiple wallets and platforms, the details of their project team and when the testing network is deployed.

That said, I believe investors would be most interested in the above scoring system by DRC. It gives an overall analysis of the crypto project. A total grade is earmarked for each category and grades are given accordingly through DRC’s objective and decentralized rating system.

We can see that the Project Overview segment scored an amazing 38/40 rating -> translating into a 95% subtotal, as seen on the right hand side of the above report. Project outline, team, and even promotion all secured full marks there.

On the other hand, the Economic Mechanism segment fared the worst, garnering only 30/45 rating. The token allocation plan got a 6/11 which probably means that the project team was given a much bigger allocation during the ICO launch. The same can be said for the economic model design too.

If you don’t wish to cringe your eyes to look at all the numbers, there is even a picture comprising of all the grades together (see above). The overall results unveiled a total grade of 76% and awarded KyberNetwork an A rating with a low risk level. That’s practically what all crypto investors are looking for in a nutshell.

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Excited about how DRC’s proprietary rating process and how much time it can save you?

Head down to the BlockChain Festival during 24-25 May 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City where DRC is a sponsor and is unveiling the reports of 5 top projects namely Kyber, NEM, Achain, DASH & EOS.

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