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In the quest for yield, the REITs often pops up on investor’s mind. Many income investors rely on REITs to generate a

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Data centers on the rise?  The rise of data centers around the world has come about as a result of the shift

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Excerpts from UOBKayHian report Yangzijiang Shipbuilding (SGX: BS6) Yangzijiang Shipbuilding (YZJ)’s record performance in 1H23, with net profit up 47% yoy to

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When it comes to investing, there’s a group of stocks that have been favoured for a very long time – blue-chip stocks

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Excerpts from MayBank report Frencken Group Ltd (SGX: E28) Worst should be over We think that the worst should be over for

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Mercury Securities Group Bhd (MSG) is an established stock brokerage house in Malaysia. Since its inception in 1992, MSG now operates its

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James Yeo is a prominent speaker at the SGX Academy and founder of, a financial education company focused on small-mid cap niche within the Singapore market.

Leveraging on his past 17 years of investment knowledge, James has the privilege to speak at events organized by CIMB, Phillip Securities, MarketWiseAsia, ShareInvestor and more.

Presently, James is dedicated to craft an optimal learning journey for course participants and help the layman invest for the better.

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 Their insights into small and mid-cap stocks have helped me find hidden gems in the market that I wouldn't have found otherwise.

Sarah Tan

Well written analysis on the company financials and fundamentals.

 Finding undervalued stocks can be tough for novice investors but James is able to identify and quantify the stocks and share with me. Thank you.

Kobi Chng

James' deep value case studies are delivered in a very concise and easy to understand manner which makes it easy for me to read.

 Thumbs up and strongly recommended!

Augustine Lim

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