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September 1, 2022

Excerpts from CareYourPresent – a crypto enthusiast

Launch of Careyourpresent Crypto Series

I will be launching my Careyourpresent crypto series to share my views on how to navigate this crypto winter successfully and to thrive during even during times of market volatility.

If we look at the current market conditions:

  • Hyperinflation
  • Potential recession coming
  • Winter for Crypto
  • Pending even more severe bear for markets (my own opinion)
  • QT, liquidity issue
  • Rising interest rates
  • Food shortage
  • Wars
  • Astrology/Metaphysics forecast of worse markets ahead of us

It is it obvious that the 2nd half of the year will be worse. Hence, please keep cash (I have over 50% cash now) and prepare your war chest to be brave to whack in order to earn your generational wealth when the time comes.

Crypto Series – Current crypto winter

For Crypto, many of the DeFI sites are dying, hedge funds (e.g. 3AC), CEX dying, many rugpulls etc. As shared previously, stick to the  “blues” and keep your tokens in the ledger wallets instead of CEX or DeFI site.

Now is the time to hide and wait for a once in a lifetime chance. Reserve your bullets for the real wars later.

Meanwhile while waiting patiently for the crypto markets to tank even further, I will launch my Careyourpresent crypto series to share my views on how to make it big from crypto first. I have also updated my site to share a bit more about myself. Do read it and share your thoughts!

Astrology view on current crypto trading opportunities

As what I have said previously when there is a full moon, crypto prices will suffer and true enough, crypto prices came down following the announcement of the CPI figures on the 13th July. Did you take the opportunity buy and profit from it?

You have to be very careful on 27th July when there is a new moon and crypto prices will reach a local top. It is going to be ugly during August.

Lastly I will end this post with this quote

crypto series

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