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November 3, 2022

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Bear Market for stocks and crypto – Long winter ahead

A day worth remembering for US indexes in September but this is just the beginning…

As I have said many times in my blog, that the second half of the year will be bad for both crypto and stock markets. Many then just laugh it off and even thought I was crazy.
Now my forecast has come true and indeed US down 4-5% in just one day in September. The worst day in 2022 but this should just be the beginning. It will get worse towards the end of the year in Nov/Dec 2022 especially after the solar eclipse on 25 Oct 2022
Of course, from now until end of the year, there will be bear market rally along the way. However, the trend will be down on the journey, but eventually we will reach there. Yes, you can do small trades here and there but please be patient and keep your warchest full of cash for the real game that is coming.
bear market in stocks

How long will this winter last?

Don’t you miss the 1-2k down with circuit breakers in 2020. However, this time is different. WHY?

FED can’t print the way out! It will be a long bear! Please keep cash to capture the greatest opportunity to generational wealth in this decades. It’s the new air era, formulas don’t work anymore. Be patient and brave later! Both macros and metaphysics don’t look good!

Remember my previous post in April? There will be an eclipse on 25 Oct 2022 and the macro economic environment are getting worse. Get ready and fasten your seat belts!

Now you will be wondering how long will this last? If I were to make a bold forecast again, the stock and crypto markets could see some form of recovery from Mar 2023 onwards till June July. Crypto will outperform stocks next year too.

But will it be back to the bull market that we like to see? Stay tuned for my forecast!

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