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4 Easy Ways You can Learn to Build Your Wealth

If you’re looking at achieving financial security in your 30s, saving is a great place to start. But, saving alone will only get you so far.

In Singapore, interest rates (we’re not talking about high yield savings, or those that require lots of banking transactions or high initial deposits) have been hovering around the 0.15% range. This means that even … Read more >>

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Learn about the 7 Habits of Successful Investors


Investing can be a big life-changing decision, especially when you are thinking of investing for the very first time. The smallest of mistakes or errors can cost you, literally. Investments carry inherent risks and that generates fear even amongst the most experienced investors.

At the end of the day, it is our hard-earned money that we want to turn into … Read more >>

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[MyTwoCents] Exclusive Interview with Felicity


Hello everyone, I am James here, founder of

Today I have the honour of inviting Felicity over for a short interview.

Felicity is a financial blogger @ and the blog has been in existence since year 2010. In this ‘Serious Investing’ blog, you can find her portfolio earmarked for her children’s college education come year 2027. And by … Read more >>

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How Rich Are You Exactly Compared to the World?

How Rich Are You

Stepping into the workforce, people around me are always talking about how money is never enough.

Some examples they give include

  • Soaring House Prices,
  • Increased Car Expenses,
  • Inflation making a plate of chicken rice more expensive as the days go by
  • and more…

How Rich Are You?

However, deep down, I actually feel fortunate that I am able to work … Read more >>

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Are You Making Yourself Poorer Than You Should Be with These Mental Biases?

cognitive bias

It seems like no matter what you do, your financial situation still seems unchanged, with not much more to contribute to your savings and you wonder, what is going wrong?

You may be suffering thanks to your own cognitive biases – flaws in thinking and judgment that lead us to make the wrong decisions.

Get to know some of these …

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