Warren Buffett Invests like a Girl and Why You Should Do the Same?

warren buffett invest like girl

Warren Buffett Invests like a Girl

This article may look sexist at first glance. One might ask: “What do you mean by “invests like a girl”? Are you trying to insult Warren Buffett or are you trying to insult females?”

Saying that someone does something "like a girl" is a common insult.

Saying that someone does something “like a girl” is a common insult.

Actually, neither.

According to a post on, …

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Why I Ask My Wife to Keep her Apac IPO Shares

Apac Realty IPO - Initial public offering

“Couple of days before APAC Realty IPO”

After writing the article on APAC Realty IPO, i applied for the shares and told my wife to do the same.

The funny conversation goes like this:

Wife: “Aiyah, I don’t wish to waste $2 again.”

Me: “Wah lau, you can make it back multifold if you just get one Good IPO that

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The ABC of P2P – A Concise Guide to P2P Lending

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is a revolutionary FinTech innovation, with the potential to address the lack of SME financing in Singapore. Since traditional middlemen like bankers aren’t part of the system, it increases profits for investors and convenience for borrowers and small businesses.

Banks’ major financial model has been interest spreads – the difference between what it charges on bank loans … Read more >>

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Share Buybacks: Is it always a Good Thing?

share buybacks

More often than not, Share buybacks are looked upon as a positive catalyst.

In general, the company perform this activity when it thinks that the prices are undervalued at current levels and they are confident in the prospects further ahead.

Furthermore, Share Buybacks reduce the company’s outstanding shares so that the EPS (earnings per share) are accelerated with the “pie” … Read more >>
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Blog Crypto-Investing

What is FUD, HODL or FOMO in Cryptocurrency Lingo? Find out more here!

crypto lingo

Are you caught in a bind not understanding what others are talking about while scrolling Reddit, Cryptocurrency related forums or Slack groups?

Just a year back, I was also left scratching my head when I first got involved in Cryptocurrencies. Therefore, I decided to put together a list of the Cryptocurrency Lingo/Slang which can help out others as well.


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