The Complete Guide on How to Invest Using Your SRS Funds

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How SRS works

The Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) is a voluntary scheme by the Singapore government to encourage individuals to save for retirement.

It is part of the Singapore government’s plan to address the financial needs of a graying population and complements the Central Provident Fund (CPF).

retirement using srs

CPF savings are meant to provide for housing and medical needs and … Read more >>

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Rowsley just skyrocketed 93% in a day; is there still room for growth?

Today, Rowsley shares had surged more than 100% to its four-month-high of S$0.147 before closing at S$0.141, a whooping 93% jump in one day!

Now here is the big reason why.

Rowsley will be acquiring healthcare assets valued at up to $1.9 billion from Singapore billionaire Peter Lim.

It constitutes 100% of Thomson Medical and 70.36% of Malaysia-listed TMC Life … Read more >>

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Union Gas IPO: 5 Things Investors Should Know About It

This upcoming ‘Union Gas Holdings’ IPO on the Catalist Board should be familiar to you and your household.

I still remember vividly the times when my grandma will call the people to deliver the Gas Cylinder to our house. She always has a spare cylinder just in case the old one runs out of gas and i will be the … Read more >>

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[MyTwoCents] Exclusive Interview with Alison


Hello everyone, I am James here, founder of

Today I have the honour of inviting Alison over for a short interview.

Alison is the financial blogger behind Heartland Boy (

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the Q&A!

  1. Please tell us more about yourself.

I am a young working adult who took up the challenge of … Read more >>

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BankBazaar Review: The New Kid in the Block

In case you didn’t know, there is a new kid in the block in the online marketplace of financial products such as personal loans and credit cards. And this new player is none other than

Before we find out more about the company, let’s look at something closer to our hearts.

Top personal finance areas Singaporeans are concerned

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