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5 Things You Should Know About Inta Bina IPO

Inta Bina Group Berhad is set to be listed on the ACE market on 25 May 2017. At an offer price of RM0.25, 26.8 million shares will be available for the Malaysian public.

Just last week, it was announced that its IPO had been oversubscribed by close to 43 times!!

With such impressive subscription rate, what does this … Read more >>

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IPO Launch Malaysia Stocks

5-Min Guide to What You Need to Know About CabNet

CabNet Holdings Berhad is set to be listed on the ACE market of Bursa Malaysia on 22 May 2017 with an issue price of RM0.56. It had issued 21 million new shares for its IPO, aiming to raise RM11.76 million with 7 million shares will be issued to the Malaysian public.

You can find its IPO Prospectus here. We … Read more >>

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One Key Reason Why Value Investing Is NOT For You

value investing picture

Is Value Investing For You?

Value investing works. It is a tool for us to reach our financial goals. Many millionaires are created through value investing. Many billionaires are value investors. However, is it all that simple? Is value investing for everyone? Is value investing for you?

The short answer: No. it is not for everyone. If it was, everyone … Read more >>

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5 Simple Principles of Investing You Should Master

principles of investing smallcapasia

First of all, before you start thinking about investing, you should be debt free. The reason? The average investor might be able to earn 5%-6% per annum (and this is if you invest correctly), but the cost of interest is usually higher than this.

If you still have debt, read this article instead.

What this article will do, is to … Read more >>

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[MyTwoCents] Exclusive Interview with Brian

Today I have the honour of inviting Brian (nickname B) over for a short interview.

B has been blogging for more than 6 years since year 2011 @ this popular site –http://foreverfinancialfreedom.blogspot.sg/. His aim of writing this blog is to document and journal his journey towards the path of being financially free by the age of 35. He … Read more >>

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