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Using astrology to explain the collapse of Terra UST

Remember this post that I made on 18 April 2022? Using Metaphysics in investment – Moon Phase Theory. I had warned that we must be very careful of severe corrections in crypto prices during eclipse be it Solar eclipse or Lunar eclipse.

Well the recent solar eclipse was on 1 May and there will be a Lunar eclipse on 16 May. Notice what happen after 1 May? Well it really happen that prices of crypto was down badly and it also resulted in the collapse of Luna and Terra UST!

Is it a coincidence that LUNA rhymes with Lunar eclipse? You draw your own conclusions

The collapse of Terra UST/LUNA and corrections for Crypto!

Besides the moon phase, there was also a solar eclipse on 1 May 2022. Usually there will be major effects to the crypto markets from the eclipse. Do you believe in western astrology now?

In fact there is nothing superstitious about astrology. It is just how the planets including the sun and moon that revolve round our planet earth that will affect our energy and emotions thereby affecting sentiment in the crypto markets.

Luna price chart

Eth chart
Eth price chart

What is next for Crypto?

Many will be wondering so what’s next for UST and Luna and crypto prices as a whole? Here are my 2 cents view based on astrology.

  1. As Jupiter enters Aries and after the Lunar eclipse is over on 17 May, crypto prices will stabilise and gradually recover. However do not expect a bull run. Bull run for crypto will come only when Jupiter enter Aquarius.
  2. Should we be prepared for the next major correction for crypto? Well, the next eclipse is in Oct. Take care! and bookmark this website for more updates!

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