By James Yeo //
February 4, 2018

Introduction to Huobi.Pro

In case you didn’t know, Huobi is one of the TOP 10 cryptocurrency exchanges by trade volume.

As of 3rd Feb 2018, it is ranked the number 8th in the list (sourced from

Check it out here ->

Huobi trade volume

On top of that, Huobi has been very active recently, launching their own HUOBI TOKENS (HT) and ramping up a lot of promotions and stuff.

Huobi Token

If you are interested, you can check out more details below:

  • [Actual URL to purchase the Huobi Tokens]

Anyway, for today, we will check out how to open a Huobi account step by step. I will guide you through a series of screenshots where i sign up for my own account.

Huobi Account: Signing Up

1. Click on “Sign Up”.

huobi account

2. Enter your email address and press “Send”.

2. Enter your email address and press “Send”.

3. Enter your password twice. Go to your registered email address and you will see something like the below:

Use the 6 digit code to enter into the “Email confirmation code” field in the Huobi’s signup page.

Huobi Account: Deposit/Trading

1. Click on the Balances to see your account balance and deposit BTC/ETH to do trading.

2. If its too cluttered for you, click on the [Hide 0 Balances]. Click on let’s say ETH and then click “Deposit”.

Copy the address and send ETH to that address.

3. Once you have some BTC/ETH in your balance, time to hit the markets! Press the “Exchange” on the top left.

4. Let me just navigate you through the site:

  • Your Estimated Net Value is on the Top Left.
  • You can use the search bar to find your newly listed coins/tokens like STK or ELA.
  • Click on the bar and choose different time periods if you want. Below of the chart shows the Volume.
  • (See below pic) Limit Order is when you want to buy or sell only when the token price hits your desired price.
  • Announcement at the bottom left lets you keep track of upcoming stuff in Huobi.Pro

huobi account trading

Conclusion is definitely one of the big players in the crypto field you must watch out for. It is proactively listing new tokens and also recently just launched its own Huobi Token (HT)!

If it has the potential to achieve what Binance Coin (BnB) and Kucoin (KNS) have reached, this is gonna be HUGE.

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