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January 19, 2023

Excerpts from CareYourPresent – a crypto enthusiast

No Privacy in Decentralized Crypto Wallet

One of the long-term benefits/attractions of Crypto currency is that it is decentralized, there is no need KYC this and that. You just need to create seed phrases to generate a public address using decentralised Crypto Wallets.

However, after the FTX collapses, there was a change in private policy for Metamask – the most used wallets by users in the Crypto world. For this article, I will share the most common other alternative wallets that are used by people.

Crypto Wallet – Alternatives to crypto wallet

(1) XDEFI Wallet

This is one of the better wallets that I like it very much. The number of users is about 150k which is much lower than the wallets that I am going to share later.

crypto defi wallet


However, one key advantage of XDEFI Wallet is that it is a multichain wallet that allows you to securely store, swap, and send Crypto and NFTs across 15 blockchains.

One just need to setup ledger and connect to this which allow you to access multichain! One wallet solves all! You can see the screenshots below on the chains that they are currently supporting. There are also more chains coming up!

(2) Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is one of the leading crypto wallets in web3. They were acquired by Binance in 2018 (the biggest most powerful centralized exchange).

One can buy, store, collect NFTs, exchange & earn crypto. There are 25 million+ people using it and provide great security and credibility.

(3) Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Global Inc is one of the majority crypto exchange that is listed. They have the non-custodian wallet Coinbase Wallet. From the horse mouth itself, Coinbase Wallet supports hundreds of thousands of coins and a whole world of decentralized apps. It’s your crypto – use it how and where you’d like.


Of course, there are more crypto wallets available in the market. Regardless of which wallets that you are using, please use a hardware device such as Ledger. As famous saying goes, not your key not your coins.

For those who are new to wallets, all these wallets are just interface (software) to access your public key. You just need to connect your ledger to these wallets and select the keys that you want to access in each wallet.

Hence, you can use any wallets as long as you have your ledger. For those who want to learn more can read by earlier post on Guide – Managing your Crypto Wallets.

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