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Crypto Guide – Funding your FTX account using DBS Remit

You want to start investing in crypto digital assets. You have just opened a FTX account for your crypto trading but not sure how to fund your FTX account.

This guide will be able to help you to fund your FTX account from your DBS account. Here is a step by step guide on how to do it. After following the steps, you will find it very easy to fund your ftx account!


Step by step guide to fund your FTX account

Step 1: Login to FTX -> Wallet -> Portfolio -> Balance -> Under USD, choose Deposit -> Deposit via Wire -> Enter the amount which you wish to transfer (e.g. $10 USD) -> click Submit (this amount should be same as step 5 below) -> Click See Instruction, a page will pop up to give you the receiving bank instructions for Step 2 to 4 below.

crypto guide
FTX account
FTX guide

Step 2: Login to your DBS Internet banking -> Transfer -> More Transfer Service-> Scroll down under Overseas Transfer, Select DBS Remit and Overseas Transfer

DBS Remit

Step 3: Click New Recipient -> Set the Recipients Details as below (After you add finish, you should see the FTX Digital Markets Ltd).

DBS Remit to FTX

Step 4: To initiate the transfer -> Click “Transfer”

FTX only accepts USD, you have to use an account with a multicurrency feature such as DBS Multiplier account.

Step 5: Key in the amount which you want to send (need to be the same as step 1). Under the payment details in DBS, key in the account identifier which is found in FTX in step 1.

Funding FTX account

(Account Identifier from step 1. It should be a 8 digit number.)

crypto guide to fund FTX

TADA! Wait for the money to be credited! Usually it is fast if you send during Weekday night (which is the morning of US bank). If you send during weekend, you may have to wait few days until weekday. Remember, always use small amount to test the transfer first.

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