By James Yeo //
December 7, 2021

If you’ve ever purchased crypto on cryptocurrency exchanges, you know that the transactions aren’t entirely anonymous.

Whether you’re using blockchain for a small transaction or a multimillion-dollar transfer, you’re probably concerned about your confidentiality.

The governments of developed countries spent a lot of money last year attempting to manage the crypto market, which caused a lot of anxiety among its attendees about confidential data security.

People around the world are looking for a way to conduct trading without requiring identification. Some businesses enable you to use their platforms without confirming your identity.

This implies that no private information is required during the registration process. Anonymous Bitcoin exchanges are ideal for those who want to maintain their anonymity while trading.

1. Bybit

Bybit accounts are easy to open because they don’t require any enrollment or KYC to start with.

Your login confidential sentence and login are the most important things to deal with as they’re the only things that can save you if something goes wrong.

Bybit is a leverage trading platform where you can long and short Bitcoin with 100x leverage and few other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple, EOS and Litecoin with 50x.

Trading with leverage is highly risky but also highly profitable if done correctly. You can purchase cryptocurrencies through a third party on the exchange and start trading with high leverage right away once the purchase is complete. 

2. Kucoin

Kucoin is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can exchange a number of cryptocurrencies without the need to pass a KYC procedure.

It has been founded in 2017 and has over 70 cryptocurrencies to trade. The KYC procedure is not mandatory but if you want to deposit fiat through debit/credit cards and increase your withdrawal limits of 2 BTC per day you will need to complete the procedure.

Overall, Kucoin is a well-known crypto exchange boosting a significant daily trading volume. Besides Spot trading on Kucoin you can also trade Futures with high leverage on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

This is an exchange that offers a little from both worlds and it succeeds but still compared to Bybit on the futures side it is few steps behind.

3. ShapeShift

Through ShapeShift, you can exchange Bitcoin and thousands of other cryptocurrencies. It is different from the other two exchanges on this list in that it does not enable you to set up an account in order to use it.

Not just that, but the corporation that developed it does not obtain any confidential info from its users. 

The disadvantage of this privacy-first strategy is that ShapeShift will retain all user properties unless the impacted user files a refund complaint within 90 days of the failed exchange.

Through ShapeShift you can exchange Bitcoin and thousands of other cryptocurrencies. 

4. WhalesHeaven

With WhalesHeaven, you have the option to exchange your cryptocurrency tokens from entirely different blockchains that aren’t even interoperable with each other, without setting up an account or providing any personal information about yourself, and all of your assets are within your custody until the moment you sell them.

So you’ll enjoy swapping various cryptocurrencies, like buying or selling BTC on the Bitcoin network with any token on the Ethereum, Tron, BSC, AVAX, and any other future additions that they’ll add to the platform, with the lowest transaction fees possible, as well as having 0% fees since it’s non-custodial decentralized exchange, all while retaining your full privacy.

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