First of all, if you haven’t heard of the SG Active Trading Tournament 2019, it is a collaboration between InvestingNote & Societe Generale.

It has been quite some time since i last joined this kind of tournament and i am trying my luck this time round due to the various reasons as per below:

Top 5 Reasons to Join the Active Trading Tournament

  1. This tournament is FREE for all to join.
  2. It is an online tournament where you can just sit back, relax and trade at your own convenience.
  3. A great simulation opportunity for beginners who are interested to trade but are unsure on how to get started.
  4. For pro or confident traders, you can go head-to-head with other traders and win the alluring prizes below:1st Prize: $4,000
    2nd Prize: $2,000
    3rd Prize: $1,000
    People’s Choice Award: $1,000

    DAILY PRIZES: Most profitable trades of each trading day during the elimination round will win S$100 worth of prizes daily!

  5. You even stand a chance to win an iPhone 11 Pro just by registering as a participant!

Important Details on Active Trading Tournament

There are 4 stages to the Tournament…

  1. Registration Period (21st Sep 2019 till 8th Nov 2019)

  2. Elimination Round (14th Oct – 8th Nov 2019)

    A free-for-all trading simulation that includes all participants. Top 10 traders based on highest total portfolio returns will be selected. A minimum of four trades for each participant is also required to be the top 10 traders.

  3. Final Round (18th Nov – 29th Nov 2019)

    Top 10 traders will compete against each other. The top 3 traders with highest portfolio returns will win a prize. A minimum of four trades for each participant is also required to be the top 3 traders.

  4. Voting Period (18th Nov – 29th Nov 2019)

    The 10 traders into the final round will garner for votes from the public during this period. The trader with the highest number of votes will win the “People’s Choice Award”

Each registered participant will be given S$50,000 virtual capital to trade in the Elimination Round.

Only Market Orders can be placed – participants will have to monitor the market actively to buy and sell. No advanced order is allowed.

You can check out all the T&Cs and rules here.

Last but not least, check out the video below for a complete picture…


A free to join contest with attractive prizes to be won – a no-brainer for me to join!

From what i see in the full list of DLCs, they are predominantly underlying blue chip stocks and indexes from both SG and HK markets.

Given the on-going protests and poor market sentiment of Hong Kong, I think i would be underweight HK counters since the contest will only last until end of November. Or probably just the Short underlying indicators for a more active trading.

Feel free to join & follow me at my DLCs portfolio simulation here.

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