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April 21, 2022

Excerpts from Careyourpresent-A cryptocurrency enthusiast

Stablecoins for the conservative Crypto investors

Stablecoins definitely are the cornerstones of any Crypto investors. The coins where you can take profits and wait for chances. Where do you farm stablecoins?

I prefer to keep it simple and like to get the Stablecoins itself as rewards from the stablecoins that you have put in – meaning you put in stablecoin X and you will get X rather some some other reward coins of the protocol as the price may be very volatile. Even at high APR, you can also lose your previous capital.

With the point above, you can easily guess that it will be Anchor Protocol at 19.5% (currently the min rate is 15% after the recent new adjustment). Of course recently there are many questions on the reserve yields and the sustainability of the protocol. In my opinion after some calculations, around 6-8% should be sustainable (still higher than stock yields!).

Other options for farming stablecoins

For people who like you explore other options, you may wish to consider the followings:

Did you realized that I put the twitter site instead of the link to the direct protocol? Do you know why? This is because investor should always read the protocol, twitter, telegram, discord, documentation etc before putting their hard earn money in it. Do your due dilligence!

You can find the full report here

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