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October 13, 2022

Excerpts from CareYourPresent – a crypto enthusiast

Short update on the Crypto market

What have I been up to recently? I was rather busy at work and only have some time to do some scalping for Crypto. Of course I also have my stocks and equities and ETF which usually have minimal trading/buying/selling.

As for the crypto market, I spotted trading opportunities using the moon phase theory. Hence, I bought Sol, BTC and ETH  when there was a dip.

Then I just sold all this morning for some quick profits. I always believe pictures speak a thousand words. Hence, please see proof below of my trades.

crypto market
Sol Perp

My view on what lies ahead

My personal view on the market still remains. Something in the market is not correct. With the ongoing uncertainties in the world. I believe the second half of the year starting from October onwards, markets will be bad in both stock and crypto.

As mentioned in this post earlier, it might become even worse in 2023. Hence, I am still keeping over 50-60% cash of my entire portfolios. Meanwhile, I am only doing some short term trading/scalping or whatever you called it with the funds that that I have earmarked for trading.

Quite likely I will either short crypto such as BTC or ETH  (merge coming, usually is sell on news + general macro of market are not good) or wait for further dip before entering again to trade.

Let me observe how the market sentiment goes first using the moon phase theory and planetary movements – for those who are in Crypto long ago, Crypto price are usually narrative driven, until one day it become more mainstream like stocks/equities.

You can view CareYourPresent website here for more details and subscribe for his updates. You can also view other crypto updates here.

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