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December 22, 2022

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How do I get the crypto airdrop?

People always like free things. Free samples, buy 1 get 1 buy, free tasting, buy this and get that free etc….These are the common things that we all have heard and rush to get it.

How about free things in Crypto? Do you like it? Of course! However, how to get free things? Are there really free things in Crypto? Yes! Do read on.

crypto airdrop

In Crypto, there is something very special call “airdrops” which can give free money (tokens) to people who did some tasks. Basically, this is a marketing strategy by the new teams to create a new token that involves sending coins or tokens to crypto wallet addresses.

Small amounts of the new tokens are sent to the wallets of active members of the blockchain community for free or in return for a small service, such as retweeting a post sent by the company issuing the currency.

The ultimate goal of a crypto airdrop is to promote awareness and circulation of a new token or coin. If one does your research to find out the new things in Crypto (or some longer protocols/DeFi sites with no tokens), you may discover that some the key team members hinted for an airdrop or confirm an airdrop.

For those confirm an airdrop, they would tell you what are the tasks that you need to do in order to qualify for it. Sometimes, the snapshots are already taken before the announcement, and you won’t be eligible for it.

There are few sites who share about the current/upcoming airdrops etc. You can refer to the last few rows of my page below.

Most of the time, even for free things, we need to do our homework. Look for those protocols with big VCs, big funding that have been there for quite some time and with many users.

Go to their discords, their sites, research/interact with the founding teams to get some hints if they will give an airdrop. Once you have found out, do your work.

Most of the time, the airdrops are generally very little with not many values. But there are cases where the airdrops really give lots of money, can be xxxx or even xxxxx.

Of course, you need to do your research. There are people who planned way in advance, creating many wallets, like 20 wallets etc, do various things in anticipation of the airdrops. There are lots of work and time involved.

Recent potential crypto airdrops

Let me share some of the recent potential big airdrops.

(1) Metamask

The team Consensys hinted an airdrop. But how to qualify for it? Currently, there are no official announcements on the tasks need to qualify for it, but we can guess/speculate it.

If you wait for official announcement, it may be too late as snapshots may have already been taken. Generally, to qualify for airdrops, it involved more interaction with the protocol itself.

For Metamask, given the funding and the scale of Metamask, doing the tasks below may lead you to high profit airdrops.

a) Token Swap using Metamask


  • Go to main menu in Metamask
  • Click on the blue Swap icon
  • Trade some $ETH for any token

Do more token swaps for all the chains the Metamask supports, sometimes volume/size of trade matters.

b) Use Metamask Bridge to bridge tokens


  • Go to
  • Connect your wallet
  • Select Ethereum as 1st network
  • Choose second network – Bridge
  • You can bridge to Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, Avalanche currently and vice versa
  • Do more bridges between for all the chains the Metamask supports, sometimes volume/size of trade matters.

2) Create a Gnosis Safe Wallet

ConsenSys and Gnosis Safe announced a partnership, hence airdops may rewards may come to users.


(3) Arbitrium

Bridge tokens to Arbitrium using the OFFICAL bridge (remember to keep some ETH as gas fee)


  • Go to
  • Bridge to and from Abritrium One (don’t forget Arbitrium Nova)
  • Do more bridges transfers, sometimes volume/size of trade matters.
  • Interact with as many dapps as possible in Arbitrium

Go to, you can find all the dapps here. Go swap tokens, participate in LP, trade etc…

Participate in Guild Tasks


Do note that the above are speculation on how to get the airdrops based on past experiences on criterias to get the airdrops. Since most of these are free or cost very little but with potential great rewards, why not try?

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