Weekly Stock Digest

July 2019

Top 10 Highlights of Last Week
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  1. 1
    🏅 You might want to bet on gold, says billionaire Ray Dalio, as the era of low interest rates and quantitative easing starts coming to an end. https://www.msgp.pl/uDS2nOw
  2. 2
    This investor has beaten almost all rivals in China with 45% return in one equity fund. Here's why he's shifting his money into Hong Kong. https://www.msgp.pl/hxoGATw
  3. 3
    HYFLUX said on Wednesday S$535m rescue deal is Utico's valuation; deal still on the table
  4. 4
    Microsoft wins multibillion-dollar cloud deal from AT&T https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/16/microsoft-wins-multibillion-dollar-cloud-deal-from-att.html?__source=iosappshare%7Ccom.apple.UIKit.activity.CopyToPasteboard
  5. 5
    CCT proposes raising S$220m from private placement to fund German acquisition
  6. 6
    SUNTEC Reit has expanded its presence in Australia after acquiring ...
  7. 7
    Singapore Airlines group passenger loads improved in June
  8. 8
    Lower one-off income hits Keppel Reit's Q2 DPU
  9. 9
    💸 And Hong Kong millionaires — nervous about political unrest in the city — are moving their cash to Singapore. https://www.msgp.pl/niHd9bw
  10. 10
    Investors searching for yield should buy this sector in Singapore, strategists say -
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