Stepping into the workforce, people around me are always talking about how money is never enough.

Some examples they give include

  • Soaring House Prices,
  • Increased Car Expenses,
  • Inflation making a plate of chicken rice more expensive as the days go by
  • and more…

How Rich Are You?

However, deep down, I actually feel fortunate that I am able to work for a living, save and invest in order to make my mark one day.

That being said, I actually went to Google for “How Rich am I?” and chanced upon this incredible website –

I key in a rough figure and realized that i was indeed correct! I am actually so far ahead of the entire world by the income standard. To find out where you actually sit in comparison to the rest of the world, click on the link here.

You would be utterly surprised by the results.

And to add on, I also found an incredible and touching video shown below. Go ahead and watch it now by Liking our FB page!

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