A nice video on how the economy works!

People are often bewildered when they are told how the economic dynamics are affecting them in one way or another. And I don’t blame them too. It is because as an Economics student, I have a hard time understanding or digesting what links to what too.

With a stroke of luck, I chanced upon this clear animated video which breaks … Read more >>

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IPO Launch

Should You Buy HC Surgical Specialist IPO (SGX: 1B1)?

One new company that have debuted in Singapore’s stock market is HC Surgical Specialists Limitedhc-surgical-specialist-ipo (SGX: 1B1).

Despite doing a private placement at S$0.27, it opened at S$0.55 on 3rd November 2016 morning 9am, double of what the investors would have paid for.

So the question weighing on many retail investors is: Should I Buy HC Surgical Specialists after … Read more >>

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Mythbuster – You can’t beat the Market

“You can’t beat the market” is a common stock trading myth. Most people are convinced it is practically impossible for individual traders to earn more than the stock market in general. Financial advisors and index fund salesmen will even tell you that you can’t trust anyone who claims otherwise.

How the Efficient Market Theory comes about

Let’s rewind and talk …

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Blog Small Cap 101

3 Top Reasons to Start Investing Now

“How to invest ah?”

This is the question i get a lot from my friends/acquaintances who knew first-hand that i am a financial writer and knows a bit about stocks investing. Needless to say, i will go all out to help them understand some of the basics and answer their questions wholeheartedly.

Unfortunately & Sadly, whenever I checked with them … Read more >>

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