By James Yeo //
December 15, 2022

While there are many resources available for sifting out interesting US stocks, the opposite is true for the local scene.

Out of the few websites dedicated to Singapore stocks, Investor-One stands out for its comprehensive coverage of small and mid-cap growth stocks.

With various sections catered for editorial coverage, performance analysis, model portfolio tracking and more, Investor-One offers a one-stop destination for all aspects of investing in stocks.

Wide spectrum of Editorial content

Let’s start with the Editorial section of Investor-One. Here, users can access up-to-date news, market commentaries and analysis on a wide variety of stocks.

On top of that, the site regularly highlights companies delivering their quarterly results as well as quick analysis using the prowess of Shareinvestor WebPro as seen below.

For instance, this particular post demonstrates how ShareInvestor WebPro can shorten your investment research time through their graphical representation of the financial numbers.

The stock analysis platform is packed with tons of other features such as FA and TA screener, insider purchases and even analyst consensus estimates – all designed to help you make good investment decisions with confidence.

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Quick Facts of Each Stock

Moving on, another section worth mentioning is the ‘Quick Facts’ section.

If we search for a particular stock i.e. Sheng Siong, we can see a wide variety of valuable information.

For example, based on the picture above, we can immediately see where the share price currently sits in between the 52 week low and high range. Secondly, all the common financial ratios like P/E ratio, dividend yield and total debt/equity are displayed inside the box too.

Last but not least, users can also toggle the ‘Insider Trades’ function and it will be presented on the price chart itself with the essential details.

Exploring the Investor-One Portfolio

Next, the ‘Portfolio’ section brings about another important feature on Investor-One.

The main draw of this page is its model portfolio – where it features growing small and mid cap companies within Singapore Exchange Catalist and Main Board curated by the Investor-One team.

The criteria for the companies are selected based on the following metrics:

  1. Market Cap $3 Billion and below – this is the filter to go for smaller companies which generally offer higher growth rates
  2. PE < 15x or PB < 0.5x – these 2 figures align to more of the undervalued camp
  3. Net debt/equity < 2x – it helps to narrow companies with relatively stronger balance sheets
  4. Positive free cash flow – an important number that provides the dry powder for either acquisitions or dividends etc.

After accounting for the quantitative stuff, the Investor-One team will also perform further evaluation on qualitative factors like management team and growth prospects.

At the time of writing, around $62K has been deployed in 7 stocks with an initial fund size of $100,000.

Based on the cost of investment, HrnetGroup and Hyphens Pharma both take up over $15,000 capital but their performance has been relatively flat since the inception.

A quick glance also flags InnoTek out for a 38% price decline, mainly due to the Covid disruptions in China where its manufacturing facilities are located.

On a bright note, Nordic is up a whooping 20.2% due to the surge in orderbook and strong earnings growth.

Upon scrolling down a bit from the model portfolio would exhibit the table titled ‘Stocks bought in past 12 months’.

Here, users can click on the ‘View’ link to see the Notes on why the Investor-One team added each stock to the model portfolio.

The picture above points towards what the investment note looks like and the additional remarks allow users to see the other criteria that go into the thought process when added into the model portfolio.


In conclusion, Investor-One is a one-stop platform for spotting potential bargains with its depth of covering Singapore stocks using fundamental and technical data. The model portfolio is also a great addition to any content heavy site because it helps to see where the team stands on certain stocks.

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