Just after Serrano Holdings shot up 1300% in a day, another stellar performer - International Healthway Corporation (SGX:5WA) skyrocketed 41% as of 8th Feb 2017. What is the story behind this again? I shall highlight the main key points below... Entire Board voted out Long short short, the previous management team has not been developing the projects and no concrete plan was laid out too. Shareholders are fuming over the 85% drop in share price since its listing back in 2013. As a result, the entire board was kicked out at an EGM. You can read more here. Fresh Injection of Funds from New Management The main reason behind IHC's share price hike is probably because of its press release/Sponsor statement. In the statement, Mr Ching Chiat Kwong and Mr Low See Ching, CEO and Deputy CEO of Oxley Holdings (SGX:5UX), agreed to lend money to IHC in the form of convertible loans. See below for a clearer picture.. It further details the various claims of the previous lenders like BNP Paribas Malaysia Berhad , Public Bank Berhad, Langdon & Seah Sdn Bhd etc. While all these don't come for free (the convertible loans can be converted into 901,343,821 Conversion Shares which  represents a 54.33% of the Existing Share Capital), the new capital is able to give the company a fresh start by clearing its debts and having the funds to probably work on developing its under-utilized assets. Huge Institutional Support and Experience Oxley Holdings (SGX:5UX) and OUE Limited (SGX:LJ3) has emerged as the strong backers for IHC. The former, helmed by CEO Mr Ching & Deputy CEO Mr Low owns about 19% and 7% (collectively 26%) of the company respectively while the latter is controlled by Indonesia's Riady family, had shored up its stake in IHC to 21.83%. Given that both such companies are property-related counters and been in the market for quite a few years, they possess the technical expertise in developing IHC's huge pipeline of assets. Verdict Last but not least, any investor interested in IHC should read this power-point presentation by Quarz Capital Management. It provides tons of insights into IHC's assets  across Asia Pacific (see image on right) and why IHC is currently undervalued. It even goes into the strategic proposals on how to unlock the value through things like listing the japan nursing homes as a REIT, developing the China and Malaysia sites etc. And Yes... Removal of the previous board of directors!  To sum up, IHC has the solid backing of OUE and Oxley, a new but experienced management team and a range of healthcare assets valued at north of S$0.11 per share. While it looks promising as a potential turnaround stock, one should still do his own homework first. We’ve released our 3 HOT growth stock picks which could skyrocket >100% by the end of 2017. History has shown that getting in early on a good idea can often pay big bucks – so don't miss out on this moment. Simply click here to receive your copy of our brand-new FREE report, “3 stocks poised for explosive growth”. Do Like us on Facebook too as we share the latest investing articles and stock ideas for you!

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