How to generate 15+% Returns by investing in Hidden Gem Stocks

 *Hidden Gems are undervalued stocks trading under the radar.

Investing doesn't just have to be the plain old boring Blue Chip Stocks and REITs.

Yes, there are many Value Stocks which can offer you multibagger returns >100%...
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  • Bought into "Safe Blue Chip Stocks" That Can't Go Wrong But got stumped by the Drop in Share Price??
  • Guilty of following the Hot Tips all the time & Never had a Proven Strategy to rely on?  
  • Investing for a Long Time but Results still Pale in Comparison to the Index Returns?

If you have answered "Yes" to any 1 of the questions above, you ought to read on...

It Took Me 10 Years of "Trial-and-Error"...

If you are looking for a soulmate who have made countless of investing mistakes, you are in luck - I am one of them.

Check out my investing journey below (Be warned - its a long one but i hope you can learn something from it)...

Starting Out

My initial exposure to stocks came from my Dad at the age of 15. Back in those days, people still browse through the share prices through Teletext on TV!

Intrigued, I remembered asking my Dad about the Green and Red things that keep blinking on the screen. He simply said, "Green means You make money; Red means You lose money".

I was literally hooked that time, envisioning how rich i can become simply by mastering the skills of investing properly (yeah, so naive that i am laughing at my old self now).

Anyway, with that in mind, I opened my 1st Brokerage account when I am 18 years old. However, I had totally no clue on what i was doing for the initial few years. Although I piled up on knowledge from hitting the library and online resources, the real deal is totally different when you put your hard-earned money inside.

Needless to say, I made tons of investing mistakes which i will share with you 3 of my 'memorable' ones below...

Mistake #1 Investing Blindly

Although i was reading up on investing/trading, i figured out that putting my money in the market is the quickest way to learn. However, as soon as I did that, the urge to micro-manage my savings came over me and I started watching the ups and downs every day.

Investing Blindly

Enthralled by the Top 20 Volume/Gainers screen (hands up if you still do the same now!), i look to trade stocks which can jump 10-20% in a day. As you would have expected, i landed more misses than hits. 

Every little piece of news made me question my decision. In addition, I was literally buying and selling on a whim, because so-and-so on the media mentioned that this stock is a must-buy for quick gains. 

Mistake #2 Lack of Investment Strategy

Similarly, I don't have a faint idea on what i want in the beginning; not to mention any strategy or investment plan. 

Not having a plan is detrimental in many ways; 2 of which go like this: 

(i) You don't know your Risk Appetite e.g. should you be pulling the trigger on loss-making Uber because it has a huge network effect for ride-sharing?

(ii) What should you do when stocks plunge 50%? Average down, Hold or Sell?

Truth be told, investment legends out there have developed their own investment strategies. One classic example is Warren Buffett where he achieved more than 50% returns a year using Deep Value Investing!

Check the video below for what he will do if he had a small sum of money and mind you... his small sum is a few million dollars :O

Mistake #3 Following the Crowd

During the 2009 US Sub prime crisis, practically every stock had soared to all-time highs.

Everyone was lamenting about how much they made from buying and selling stocks; and analysts were all valuing on how they can be worth much higher based on future growth prospects. 

Needless to say, I bought at the top; just like most retail investors do in every bubble.

When the bubble popped, I experienced first-hand on how terrifying the stock markets can be if you don't know what you are doing. In short, i was left 'naked' according to Warren Buffett's quote:

"Only when the tide goes out do you discover who has been swimming naked"

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My Turning Point

Devastated by the lack of progress even after 'investing' for a few years, I was at the end of my wits and contemplating if I should just give it up. Luckily, I got a lucky break when Motley Fool ( decided to set up shop in Singapore.

After a quick interview, I was roped in perhaps due to my basic investment knowledge and went on to write over hundreds of articles to date.

My writing also required me to study those investment legends in depth and thats where I really accelerated my investing wisdom by many notches. In fact, it was how I discovered about the merits of Factor Based Investing...

Factor Based Investing

While Value Investing is a popular investment strategy, not many people know about Factor Based Investing:

factor investing

Factor Investing is an investment approach that involves targeting specific drivers of return across asset classes. Investing in factors can help improve portfolio outcomes, reduce volatility and enhance diversification.

Simply put, Factor Investing brings out the best in both worlds from Active Investing and Passive Investing.

While there are a total of 7 factors, small capitalization and value are 2 factors that stand out and has a proven mettle as shown below:

Simply selecting the lowest P/B and smallest market capitalization would garner a eye-popping 23.0% annualized returns between the period 1963 to 1990.

The above boils down to selecting the right 'Factors' when one is investing (its Value and Size in this case). In fact, according to an article by CFA Institute, those 2 factors play a big role in generating Berkshire Hathaway's out-performance from the U.S. Indices over many decades.

When asked how he could achieve 50% a year with small sums, Warren Buffett said, 

“You have to turn over a lot of rocks to find those little anomalies. You have to find the companies that are off the map - way off the map.

And that is why we came up with this HiddenGemsAlpha Membership to uncover hidden gems and ride them for handsome returns, way before other people have taken notice...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions:

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Here are 3 reasons why Contrarian Investing is so Friggin' Awesome...

  • 1
    Many research studies from the likes of The Tweedy, Browne Company & Causeway Analytics have shown that investing through "Small Cap + Value" factors is proven to provide market-beating returns in the long run.
  • 2
    Many renowned Gurus like Benjamin Graham, John Templeton and Seth Klarman has utilized this exact same strategy across different generations. We have no need to reinvent the wheel and can ride along this Time-Tested strategy for outsized returns.
  • 3
    Warren Buffett made his 1st pot of gold inveting in much smaller companies in his early days. In fact, he is confident to earn 50% returns a year when his 'investable companies' are much more due to his smaller capital back then.

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