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April 28, 2022

Excerpts from Careyourpresent-A cryptocurrency enthusiast

Setting up your digital wallet

A digital wallet such as Metamask to store your cryptocurrency is a good and secure way to start when you embark on your investing journey in cryptocurrencies.

Digital wallet is a secure way to safekeep your cryptocurrency especially if the amount is less than $10.000. If it is more than $10,000 then a more secure way is to have a hard wallet such as Ledger Nano S.

A step by step guide in setting up Metamask

In web 3.0, you may wish to interact with the various DeFi Protocol, but the question is how to start? There are so many wallets around, which one to choose? One of the most common wallet that you may have heard of is Metamask. This guide will show you 3 simple steps to setup Metamask in your Chrome Extension:



For a complete step by step guides with images, please click here

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