Cover Your Ass with Insurance

So what exactly is Insurance?

Insurance is the transfer of risk by an insured to the insurance entity. The insurance entity receives payment in the form of premium and will compensate you in the event of losses or damages sustained.

No one likes to hear this taboo word – Insurance because it equates something untoward may happen. Moreover, horror stories … Read more >>

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Amp up your earnings power

There is a limit to how much you can save but there is none when it comes to making money. There are a few ways to potentially do that:

  • Boost your Salary

If you are a salaried worker (like what 99% of the population out there), there are 2 possible ways to increase your pay:

  • Negotiating a Salary – Ask
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The 5 Minute Guide to Hatten Land Ltd (SGX:PH0)

Just yesterday, we have a newcomer on the Catalist board of SGX, which is none other than Hatten Land (SGX: PH0). This backdoor listing is done through a reverse-takeover (RTO) via VGO Corporation and its shares started trading today with an opening price of 29.5 cents.

For more information on the RTO, you can check it out here. This … Read more >>

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3 Simple Steps to Save More Moolah

I can’t emphasise enough on how important it is to save money. I have seen people draw incredible salaries north of $6,000 but save only less than $500 every month and there are those who earn half the amount at $3,000 but can save almost $1,000 monthly. It is pretty clear on which group can reach financial freedom much faster.… Read more >>

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