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[MyTwoCents] Exclusive Interview with Alison


Hello everyone, I am James here, founder of

Today I have the honour of inviting Alison over for a short interview.

Alison is the financial blogger behind Heartland Boy (

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the Q&A!

  1. Please tell us more about yourself.

I am a young working adult who took up the challenge of … Read more >>

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BankBazaar Review: The New Kid in the Block

In case you didn’t know, there is a new kid in the block in the online marketplace of financial products such as personal loans and credit cards. And this new player is none other than

Before we find out more about the company, let’s look at something closer to our hearts.

Top personal finance areas Singaporeans are concerned

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Jack Ma: What You Should Do at Different Life Stages

jack ma on how to be successful in life

In a famous and memorable interview Jack Ma did in Korea, some time back in 2016, ‘Crazy Jack’ sat down in an auditorium full of students and Millennials to dispense some real world, well-worn advice to them as a primer for life ahead.

I chanced upon it recently having dived into understanding why we do what we do, and the … Read more >>

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Blog IPO Launch Singapore Stocks

All You Need to Know About NetLink Trust IPO in 10 Minutes

net link trust ipo

NetLink Trust is a business Trust soon to be listed on the SGX mainboard.

Here is a quick glance into the details of the IPO:

  • Close to 2.90 billion shares will be issued, subjected to over-allotment
  • Public offer open on 10 July, 5pm and close on 17 July, 12pm
  • Offer price will be between 80 and 93 Singapore cents
  • Trust’s
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Small Cap 101

A 5-Min Guide to China International Holdings Limited

Recently, we have done a review of your survey responses and some readers inquired about China International (SGX: BEH).

A brief search on SGX StockFacts shows that it has an amazingly low P/B and P/E ratio. Its P/B ratio stands at 0.191 while its P/E ratio stands at 0.8! But before you jump right into it, it is wise to … Read more >>

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