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A 100% increase in Artivision Tech (SGX:5NK) Stock Price… What Gives?

Over the past two weeks, there has been a surge in activity for Artivision Technologies Ltd (SGX:5NK), leading to an increase of 100% in its stock price! On 24 Jan 2017, its stock price closed at $0.015 before making an upward charge to the current price of $0.030 (as of 9 Feb 2017).

So what is the reason for this … Read more >>

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International Healthway Corporation makes a Comeback: Stock jumps 41%!

Just after Serrano Holdings shot up 1300% in a day, another stellar performer – International Healthway Corporation (SGX:5WA) skyrocketed 41% as of 8th Feb 2017.

What is the story behind this again? I shall highlight the main key points below…

Entire Board voted out

Long short short, the previous management team has not been developing the projects and no concrete … Read more >>

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Why Serrano Limited (SGX: 40R) jumped 800% today!?

In case you have missed it, Serrano Ltd skyrocketed >800% today (at the time of writing) from S$0.002 to S$0.019.

What events have caused it to hit such a rock-bottom price and then surged so high today?

We are going to whip out our magnifying glass and look deeper into them here…

But before that, here’s a quick background of … Read more >>

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Your 5-Minute Guide to Dasin Retail Trust

If you were to follow Singapore’s IPO scene closely, one new business trust which got listed recently on 20 January 2017 is Dasin Retail Trust (SGX: CEDU). With an offering of 151,768,900 units of shares at S$0.80 each, 2 million shares are offered to the public in Singapore. From its IPO, it had raised a total of S$146 million, surpassing … Read more >>

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2 Companies With Insiders Buying Shares Recently

Occasionally, I would like to look at insider or share buybacks to see if I am lucky to spot any hidden gems. In fact, this is also one of the more commonly used strategies by investors. Why is that so?

As the legendary Fund manager Peter Lynch once said,

“Insiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons, but Read more >>

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