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Why Noble Group Share Price Drop?

If you have scanned through the Top 20 volume today (24th Feb 2017), you would have noticed the 16.7% plunge in Noble Group Limited (SGX:N21) share price today. So the question is:

What has happened?

Apparently, SGX has also queried the company on the ‘unusual’ price movement and Noble Group replied in this announcement – that it is highly likely … Read more >>

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Blog Singapore Stocks Stock Picks

Why You Should Look Out for Libra Group Ltd (SGX:5TR) This March

Libra Group Limited (SGX: 5TR) will be releasing its financial year result on 1 March 2017, which is coming up in less than a few weeks’ time! As we draw nearer to the date, let us dig into the past financial health of this company to determine if it will be able to generate good returns for the upcoming financial … Read more >>

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Insider / Substantial Shareholder Purchases detected for Noble Group & Magni-Tech Industries

Occasionally, I would like to look at insider or share buybacks to see if I am lucky to spot any hidden gems. In fact, this is also one of the more commonly used strategies by investors. Why is that so?

As the legendary Fund manager Peter Lynch once said,

“Insiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons, but Read more >>

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A 5-Minute Guide to Asia File Corp Berhad (KLSE: ASIAFLE)

If you haven’t yet noticed, we have embedded a survey form to show at the right bottom screen whenever you come to our site. In it, readers can choose a company that they are interested in knowing more and we will try to cover it if possible.

We are pleased to say that we have received several survey responses and … Read more >>

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Blog Singapore Stocks Stock Picks

Trading Halt at International Healthway Corporation Ltd (SGX:5WA): What gives?

[Short Update]

After just a few days from my post, International Healthway Corporation Ltd (IHC) announced a trading halt on 15 Feb morning.

What happened?

Apparently, IHC released a statement that OUE Ltd has launched an unconditional takeover offer for whole of IHC.

You can see it here. Unfortunately they are offering only $0.106, a mere $0.002 increment … Read more >>

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