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What Should We Do When Our Stocks Lose Money?

1 Common Investing Question

Many retail investors often face this issue/question:

“I have bought these stocks at a high price and now trading at much lower prices.
Should I keep them or sell them and reinvest in other stocks?”

Iā€™m sure most of us have encountered this question at some point in our investing journey.

Before going into the hard …

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Karex’s Share Price Trading at Its Lowest ā€“ Is it a Bargain?

Karex Berhad (Bursa: 5247) may sound like a foreign name to you. But you would have heard of Durex. Yes, Karex has been the condom manufacturer for Durex and many other brand names, which includes Ansell.

In layman terms, it is responsible for enhancing your performance in bed.

But the funny thing is – it cannot enhance its own performance … Read more >>

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What are Small Cap Stocks & Why You should Consider Investing in Them

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Small Cap Stocks: Why You should Invest in Them

Small cap stocks generally refer to companies with a relatively small market value of about $300 million to $1 billion. While they may not be as well-known compared to the big boys like Capitaland or SingTel, they have great growth potential, in turn, offer much higher returns.

Here is a list …

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A 5-Min Guide to China International Holdings Limited

Recently, we have done a review of your survey responses and some readers inquired about China International (SGX: BEH).

A brief search on SGX StockFacts shows that it has an amazingly low P/B and P/E ratio. Its P/B ratio stands at 0.191 while its P/E ratio stands at 0.8! But before you jump right into it, it is wise to … Read more >>

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Is Top Glove Corporation Bhd a Gem in The Making?

Just yesterday, Top Glove (SGX: BVA) held an investor presentation at SGX to present on their latest quarter earnings. You can find their presentation slides here.

A look at their stock price last month reveals a consolidation hovering at around S$1.65. And as of 16 June 2017, their stock price stood at S$1.79. That is an 8.5% increase over … Read more >>

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