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5 Simple Principles of Investing You Should Master

principles of investing smallcapasia

First of all, before you start thinking about investing, you should be debt free. The reason? The average investor might be able to earn 5%-6% per annum (and this is if you invest correctly), but the cost of interest is usually higher than this.

If you still have debt, read this article instead.

What this article will do, is to … Read more >>

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How Investing is like Growing a Bamboo Tree 🌴

investing bamboo tree

For this post, I am going to share a story that totally changed my way of investing.

Time for Story-Telling

This story is about the Chinese Bamboo Tree & if you haven’t seen it before…
This is what it looks like:

invest like how you would grow a bamboo tree
The Chinese bamboo tree can grow up to 28 metres in height, almost as tall as a building!

But …

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What are Small Cap Stocks & Why You should Consider Investing in Them

small cap stocks smallcapasia

Small cap stocks generally refer to companies with a relatively small market value of about $300 million to $1 billion. While they may not be as well-known compared to the big boys like Capitaland or SingTel, they have great growth potential, in turn, offer much higher returns.

Here is a list of some of the valuable reasons why you should … Read more >>

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Will Geo Energy Continue to Deliver?

In a recent press release on 28 Feb 2017, Geo Energy (SGX: RE4) seems to have achieved a remarkable milestone!

As a quick background, this company primarily operates as a coal producer and a mine contractor in Indonesia and Singapore. It also provides mining contracting services and equipment rental.

So… what is this good news all about? Read on to … Read more >>

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5 Things You Need To Consider Before You Start Investing

You probably stumbled upon this site probably for a simple goal – to attain financial freedom through stocks investing. However, before you can even do that, it’s important for you to get the basics right first.

As you can see from the mind-map above, there are so many aspects of personal finance one needs to look at. And … Read more >>

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