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Will Geo Energy Continue to Deliver?

In a recent press release on 28 Feb 2017, Geo Energy (SGX: RE4) seems to have achieved a remarkable milestone!

As a quick background, this company primarily operates as a coal producer and a mine contractor in Indonesia and Singapore. It also provides mining contracting services and equipment rental.

So… what is this good news all about? Read on to … Read more >>

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5 Things You Need To Consider Before You Start Investing

You probably stumbled upon this site probably for a simple goal – to attain financial freedom through stocks investing. However, before you can even do that, it’s important for you to get the basics right first.

As you can see from the mind-map above, there are so many aspects of personal finance one needs to look at. And … Read more >>

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3 Simple Investing Lessons from Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch put together one of the greatest investing track records of all time, while serving as the portfolio manager of Fidelity’s Magellan Fund.

A $1,000 investment in the fund on the day Lynch took over in year 1977 would have grown to $27,200 by the time Lynch stepped down 13 years later – translating into a whopping 29% compounded … Read more >>

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4 Basic Principles of Investing You Should Know

For those who have set aside a considerable sum of savings, what usually comes next is how to jump on board the investing bandwagon and to further multiply their fortune. Akin to drivers who had just passed their driving test, new investors are usually lost as to what is in store for them on the bumpy roads ahead.
We highlight …
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3 Big Reasons to Invest in Small Cap Stocks

It’s no secret that small cap stocks get a bad rap with investors as the financial media tends to focus only on their downsides including

  • Deemed high risks (coupled with high returns)
  • Prone to fraudulent cases
  • Lack of significant competitive advantages.

That said, it would be a mistake to assume that large companies can’t fall victim to similar issues. Just … Read more >>

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